Rollover Car Accidents in New York

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Rollover Car Accidents in New York

It is likely that, at some point, a New York driver will become involved in a car accident. If the accident is serious enough, there is the potential that the impact from the crash could cause the vehicle to roll. While a rollover only occurs in approximately 3 percent of car accidents, approximately 30 percent of the people involved in such crashes die.

Rollovers generally only occur under certain circumstances. While any vehicle can potentially rollover, vehicles that have a higher center of gravity, such as SUVs, vans and pickup trucks, are more likely to roll. Rollovers can occur when the driver of a vehicle that has a higher center of gravity takes a curve too fast or overcorrects when driving on a straight road. In other cases, a rollover may be caused by the vehicle tripping over on object in the roadway, such as a pothole, a curb or a soft shoulder.

There are certain precautions that drivers and their passengers can take to reduce being involved in a rollover accident or surviving a rollover accident. One of the most important things that vehicle occupants can do is to wear seat belts. Those who fail to wear their seat belts risk being thrown from the vehicle should an accident occur. Drivers should ensure that the tires are in good condition and that they remain properly inflated. Finally, drivers should watch their speed, especially if the road is particularly curvy.

If someone is injured in a rollover car wreck, they may be eligible to seek compensation if they can prove that they were not liable for causing the accident. They may be eligible even if they were a passenger in the vehicle that caused the crash. Depending upon the circumstances, the injured person can potentially recover the cost of their medical bills and other financial damages they sustained.


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