Few Crashes Are More Preventable Than A Drunk Driving Accident

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Few Crashes Are More Preventable Than A Drunk Driving Accident

The word “accident” implies that an event was unforeseen or unexpected. We use the term to describe a crash in which the New York resident responsible was engaged in drunk driving. In reality, though, few crashes are more preventable. When a person drinks and then gets behind the wheel of a car, the probability of a crash is far from unforeseen or unexpected.

Certainly, the intoxicated driver should be held responsible for his or her actions, but others may be liable for the wreck as well. A bar, restaurant or some other public establishment that serves alcohol is required to stop serving patrons who are obviously intoxicated under New York’s dram shop laws. If it is proved that the establishment continued to serve the patron even when it became apparent that he or she was intoxicated, the business can face claims for financial liability in civil court in the aftermath of a drunk driving crash.

Your recovery could take a significant amount of time during which you are amassing medical expenses, losing income and sustaining other financial losses. If you lost a loved one in a crash involving a drunk driver, funeral expenses and other damages can also add up quickly. Looking only to the driver and his or her insurance may not provide enough money to compensate you for those losses. If you suffered serious injuries at the hands of a person who was driving under the influence, an attorney can review your case and determine the party or parties from which you may be able to pursue claims for restitution.

Despite the multitude of information regarding the dangers of drunk driving, people continue to do it and put the lives of others at risk. If this type of tragedy has touched you or your family, you may be entitled to monetary damages. No amount of money can heal your wounds or replace a loved one, but it can help alleviate the inevitable financial consequences of such a tragedy.


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