Drunk Driving May Be One of Many Factors In a Fatal Car Accident

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Drunk Driving May Be One of Many Factors In a Fatal Car Accident

New York prosecutors assert that a pickup truck driver was likely legally intoxicated when his vehicle collided with a limousine and have charged him accordingly. However, the accident may be more complicated than claims of a drunk driver causing a car accident. The preliminary evidence regarding the crash implies that the driver of the limousine may have contributed to it.

Reportedly, the limo was attempting to make a U-turn when the pickup slammed into it. According to a witness, when the limo began its turn, it did so directly into the path of the pickup. The limo driver reportedly said that he did not see the pickup truck when he initiated the turn.

At the time of the crash, police did not suspect the limo driver of being impaired, and tests apparently confirmed that fact. A U-turn was not illegal at that location, but since limousines need extra space in order to turn, they can block more than one lane of travel to complete the turn. Limo drivers have been cited for making improper U-turns under these circumstances. Four of the eight women in the limo died in the accident, and the others suffered unknown injuries.

Even though drunk driving might be a factor in this car accident, the limo driver may also bear some responsibility for the accident. Any wrongful death or personal injury claims filed in the aftermath of this tragedy would most likely include the limo driver and the company for which he works. If it is established that one or more parties caused or contributed to the deaths and other injuries suffered, a New York court may award damages to the families of the deceased victims and the surviving victims.


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