Post-concussion Syndrome: The Lasting Consequences

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Post-concussion Syndrome: The Lasting Consequences

After you were involved in a car crash and suffered a head injury, you discovered what it means to have post-concussion syndrome. Your medical provider told you that you may suffer from the symptoms of this syndrome for a few weeks or months, though some people have it much longer.

You’ve been dealing with symptoms including headaches, irritability and fatigue. You can’t go back to work because it would require you to be on a computer. Combined with your headaches, there’s just no way for you to get work done with this condition. Adding onto that your complete irritability throughout the shift, you worry that returning to work could actually hurt you in the long-term, leading to possible work-related consequences because of your unpredictable behavior.

Living with this condition is frustrating, and it’s something that the other party who harmed you should be held liable for. Depending on the cause of the collision, they could already be facing criminal charges, such as for drinking and driving or for reckless driving causing injuries. On top of that, you have a right to pursue a civil case against anyone who harms you due to their negligent or reckless actions.

When you file a claim for your injuries, should you talk about post-concussion syndrome?

Yes, you should. This syndrome can affect you for quite some time, and it can have lasting implications for your daily life and job. You want to make sure that the other party is held accountable for all injuries that you’ve suffered, even if the syndrome doesn’t appear immediately following the collision. Our website has more on this injury and what you need to do if you’ve suffered as a victim of a collision.


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