Grass Clippings Are a Hazard for Motorcyclists

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Grass Clippings Are a Hazard for Motorcyclists


As the warmer months continue, people are going to be cutting their grass. While this is a necessary task, it is one that poses a unique hazard for motorcyclists. Anyone who is going to cut grass must ensure that they aren’t blowing it into the street.

Grass is 85% water and is very slick even when it is dry. Grass that comes between the motorcycles tires and the road can make it impossible for the motorcyclist to steer, which can lead to a crash. The roadway doesn’t have to be covered for this to occur. Even a small amount of clippings can lead to the loss of traction that causes the biker to lose control. The hazard is so great that driving on grass clippings is often compared to riding on a sheet of ice.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Sections 1219 and 1220 cover the discharge of debris onto roadways in the state. These laws specifically prohibit putting anything onto the road that might cause injury. This shows how important it is to keep the roads safe for everyone, including motorcyclists, to use.

For a motorcyclist who loses control on grass clippings, the injuries can be severe. Road rash (which has a risk of infection), head injuries, damage to the spinal cord, broken bones and other injuries are possible. It’s imperative that they receive the care they need. They might opt to pursue a claim for compensation that can help them to cover the costs of getting treatment for their injuries, as well as any other financial damages they suffer due to the wreck.


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