What Kind of Evidence Can Help Your Claim After a Car Crash?

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What Kind of Evidence Can Help Your Claim After a Car Crash?

Without evidence, the investigation into a car crash would likely involve just the conflicting accounts of the drivers involved. Evidence helps police officers and other parties, like insurance companies and the courts, know what actually happened during and after a wreck.

Adequate documentation of what occurred at the time of the crash can make a big difference in the success of your claim for compensation and how much you are able to secure. Without the right evidence, you may struggle to make even an insurance claim, let alone bring a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. 

Documenting the scene of the crash can show you didn’t cause it.

The police officers who respond to collisions often have to weigh the statements made by each party involved and make a determination of fault based on what information those people provide. Some people will intentionally manipulate police officers or the scene of the crime to make it look like they are less responsible for the crash than they were.

For example, if you have to move your vehicles to allow for the continued safe flow of traffic, the position you moved them into may not clearly show how the other driver was obviously at fault. Taking pictures of the scene of the crash immediately from multiple angles can help demonstrate the actual scene of the accident and better establish fault.

Request video footage and secure witness statements.

Police vehicles and police body armor typically have cameras installed, which means that if there was an officer nearby at the time of the crash, they may have valuable evidence of the collision. They may even have documentation that can help you prove impairment or exhaustion on the part of the other driver thanks to recording their appearance and words after the crash.

Even if police footage isn’t available, there may be security cameras from nearby businesses, traffic cameras from nearby intersections or even dashcam footage from vehicles in nearby traffic, to say nothing of people who are physically present and witnessed the crash who can provide testimony.

Those who get hurt will need medical evidence.

To claim compensation for an injury you suffered in the crash, you will need to prove to the courts or insurance company that the crash either caused the injury or significantly exacerbated it. You will need medical documentation to do that.

The sooner you see your physician or seek evaluation at a hospital or urgent care facility, the clearer the connection between your injuries and the crash will become. Additionally, medical records can help demonstrate that you have made every reasonable effort to reduce the impact of the injuries on your life and to comply with doctors’ orders, which can limit claims that your actions contributed to your current condition.


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