What Might Workplace Safety Training Look like During the Pandemic?

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What Might Workplace Safety Training Look like During the Pandemic?

As workplaces continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, many employees remain worried about their own personal health. While the pandemic is indeed something that requires workers to take precautions, do not let it overshadow the basic, everyday dangers posed by certain jobs.

Ladders remain a serious worry on construction sites. Railroad workers are still at risk of serious head or limb injuries. The same risks that were present prior to the coronavirus outbreak still exist today. Because of this, workplace safety requirements can’t just disappear.

Workplace safety training

Some industries involve more risk than others. Jobs in these fields often come with mandated workplace safety training. Pausing these trainings only puts workers at more risk of being hurt on the job. But workplace safety courses should also be, well, safe.

In addition to following national, state and local guidance on COVID-19, trainers can make some specific adjustments to help protect participants. Some suggestions from Occupational Health and Safety Magazine include:

  • Reducing the training group size to allow for social distancing or eliminate the sharing of equipment
  • Requiring participants to wear gloves and face masks
  • Taking the temperature of all participants upon arrival
  • Shifting training programs online whenever possible
  • Communicating these new guidelines ahead of time and identifying those who may be at risk

These types of measures may be able to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, while ensuring regular workplace safety standards are met. Employers have a responsibility to ensure worker safety. That cannot go by the wayside for any reason – including a pandemic.


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