Top Parking Lot Hazards Where Businesses Are Held Liable

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Top Parking Lot Hazards Where Businesses Are Held Liable

People may know that someone who slips and falls on a business premises can hold that business liable for injuries. But what people may not know is that premises safety and liability extend much further.

  1. Parking lot security – Security in parking lots could include multiple things such as cameras, good lighting, emergency phones and security guards either patrolling the lot or offering to escort people to their cars.
  2. Poor lighting – This goes along with security issues. Poor lighting could be an invitation to criminals that this location would be great for targeting unsuspecting victims walking back to their cars in a dark parking lot at a store or a college campus. Good lighting could deter criminals who don’t want to be seen or easily identified.
  3. Construction projects – An onsite project must have ample safety measures in place to prevent people from tripping on materials, falling into dug holes or being injured by equipment. Prevention measures the property owners could have in place include warning signs, barriers, cones and other types of barricades to warn people and keep them clear of unsafe areas.
  4. Messes not cleaned up – If a business has broken glass, potholes, or nail sticking out of wood, just to name a few examples, they could be held liable if one of these messes causes someone injury. The property owner has a duty of care to keep that property in safe condition for people to walk through it.

Businesses are responsible for offering a safe environment for patrons and employees anywhere on the premises, even in the parking lot.


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