The Risks Motorcyclists Face

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The Risks Motorcyclists Face

Riding a motorcycle provides enjoyment, but it also comes with more than its share of risks. Cars and trucks enjoy the safety of an enclosed structure with seatbelts that can protect them from an accident. While motorcyclists lack that luxury, it doesn’t stop them from enjoying the open road.

Some cite the statistics involving a higher number of fatalities for those who operate two-wheel transports. While motorcyclists are fewer in number, deaths are calculated based on miles traveled. While often cited, those tragedies are on the decline. The most recent motorcycle accident statistics saw a decrease of three percent from 2016 to 2017.

The tragic consequences of not being seen

Instances of motorcycle-on-motorcycle crashes are, at best, minimal. Cars and trucks are usually the vehicles that strike motorcycles, not the other way around.  Far too many cyclists are putting their lives in the hands of larger vehicle drivers when they travel.

Yet, riding with the highest standards of safety while proactively putting on protective gear before each trip cannot stop a negligent car or truck driver from colliding with them. All because they didn’t notice a vehicle smaller than theirs.

One of the most common reasons people choose not to ride a motorcycle is the risk of serious injury or death. While some cyclists are careless in their operation or ride at excessive speeds, many motorcycle enthusiasts practice safe riding. Not because they necessarily want to, but because they have to.

They see the risks firsthand when out on the road. Sadly, many of their larger counterpart vehicle operators don’t share those risks and far too often fail to see motorcyclists.


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