Drunk Drivers Can Claim Lives and Cause Injuries

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Drunk Drivers Can Claim Lives and Cause Injuries

All drivers must ensure that they are in a good condition to drive or at risk of causing a crash that can injure or kill people. As the holiday season continues, all drivers should be on the lookout for signs that another vehicle is being operated by someone who is intoxicated.

The amount of alcohol it takes a person to become impaired varies, and some people have unrealistic ideas about how much it will take. Just over 26% of people who responded to a survey thought that it takes three to four drinks to become too impaired to drive. More than 6% said that it takes more than five.

Despite the risk, many drive impaired

In reality, even small amounts of alcohol can lead to impairment that prevents the person from driving safely. Some drivers simply won’t take rideshares or call someone to pick them up once they’ve consumed alcohol. Nearly 19% of respondents noted that they’ve driven buzzed.

Drunk driving crash victims have rights

Victims of drunk driving crashes might be relieved to know that the driver who struck them will likely face criminal charges, but this might not be sufficient for the victim. They also have the option of seeking compensation for the damages they suffered. This is done through the civil court system, and it is entirely separate from the criminal case the driver may face.

Dram shop laws

New York’s Dram Shop Act provides additional options for victims of drunk driving accidents and families who lost a loved one in a fatal crash. Restaurant and bar staff who serve alcohol to individuals who are “visibly intoxicated” or “known to be habitual drunkards” can be held liable for injuries or deaths. The law specifically cites signs of inebriation that include slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and lack of physical coordination.

Anyone who was injured by a drunk driver should learn about their option to do this. There are deadlines when it comes to filing these claims. Discuss the matter with an attorney as quickly as possible so this time limit doesn’t expire. Once it expires, legal action is no longer an option.


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