Construction Workers Are Legally Entitled to Safety on the Job Site

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Construction Workers Are Legally Entitled to Safety on the Job Site

Some areas in the state of New York are almost always undergoing some form of construction. As a result, the construction industry provides a good income and attracts many workers. Unfortunately, the field of construction is fraught with many injury and accident hazards.

Employer safety measures

Employers in the state are required by law to provide and maintain construction site safety measures to help keep their employees free of injury. When they fail in this requirement, injured employees may seek a legal solution for their harm in the form of an injury lawsuit. When these lawsuits are successful, they actually make things safer for all workers by letting employers know there will be consequences if they do not follow the rules.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that employers can do a lot to improve construction site safety. Four examples of appropriate safety measures include the following:

  • Employers should provide workers with reliable personal protective equipment (like hard hats and harnesses).
  • Employers should ensure work equipment, such as ladders and scaffolds, undergoes regular inspection and maintenance.
  • Employers should hold regular training sessions for workers and supervisors alike.
  • Employers can boost safety by hiring a professional engineer for complex construction tasks such as building safe trenches.

If you have already suffered an injury because of unsafe working conditions, the law is on your side. Consider taking your case to an experienced trial attorney. Together, you can find a solution that mitigates the financial hardships that typically accompany construction site injuries and in doing so, will make things safer for other workers as well.


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