Could Technology Make Drunk Driving a Thing of the Past?

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Could Technology Make Drunk Driving a Thing of the Past?

When people hear the phrase “car accident,” they often assume a crash was just that: accidental. However, most crashes are entirely preventable and result only because a driver was negligent or even worse, acted recklessly. Choosing to drive a vehicle while drunk or impaired would fall under the latter.  Concerted efforts to stop this dangerous behavior must continue. In fact, Congress is creating requirements for automakers to find technological solutions to prevent drunk driving collisions.

Using technology and monitoring systems to stop drunk drivers

Currently, measures aimed at preventing drunk driving are somewhat low-tech and reliant on individual compliance. There are massive awareness campaigns against drunk driving as well as laws and steep penalties for breaking the law.

However, drunk driving continues to endanger the lives of motorists across Buffalo. 

Congress believes that mandating that automakers develop high-tech monitoring systems in vehicles as soon as 2026 could virtually eliminate drunk driving. While there is no precise guidance on the type of technology carmakers must use, new systems could look similar to the devices used to monitor attentiveness behind the wheel.

The bill also aims to update rules for other safety requirements, such as emergency braking and lane departure warnings.

Whether future cars ultimately come standard with infrared cameras, breath test devices or other ways of preventing intoxicated individuals from driving, the goal of dramatically reducing drunk driving crashes is a crucial one.

Dealing with drunk driving today

Unfortunately, we could still be years away from solutions like this. In the meantime, we must rely on efforts like enforcing DUI laws and awareness campaigns to dissuade intoxicated individuals from getting behind the wheel.

Should those efforts fail, and they do far too often, holding a person accountable for a drunk driving crash can be necessary. While this cannot undo the damages a drunk driver causes, it can send the message that there are consequences for parties who endanger the lives of others.


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