Tips to Stay Safe at New York’s Dangerous Intersections

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Tips to Stay Safe at New York’s Dangerous Intersections

Car crashes can happen on any road in Western New York. However, some are undoubtedly more dangerous than others.

For instance, intersections can be particularly perilous, as motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians can all be in danger if someone makes a mistake.

What makes intersections so dangerous?

Even when intersections have bike lines, traffic signals and signage directing people where to go and what to do, they can still be treacherous. In fact, these measures designed to keep people safe could be the very things putting them at risk.

For example, when we look at the most dangerous intersections in Western New York, we notice that some elements designed for safety can actually make these areas so troublesome. 

  • Traffic signals at busy intersections can cause massive backups, leading to frustrated drivers and fender benders.
  • The number of signs can be confusing and overwhelming, making them less effective at helping parties make informed decisions.
  • Complicated traffic patterns and lights can make it difficult for motorists to see pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Having various roads and lanes meet can create confusion regarding who has the right of way.

Intersections can also be dangerous because of poor design, improper lane markings or visibility issues caused by inadequate lighting.

For all these reasons, intersections can be common areas where cars crash and people get hurt.

Staying safe despite these risks

Regardless of how busy or confusing an intersection may be, there are ways you can protect yourself in these locations. 

As a motorist, you can slow down and drive defensively. If you are a pedestrian, crossing only in marked crosswalks can be crucial. And bicyclists can stay safe by riding in bike lanes and staying out of driver’s blind spots.

And whether you are on foot or wheels, if you know that an intersection is notoriously congested or complicated, you might consider taking a different route to avoid it. Taking off headphones and putting phones away is also vital, as being alert can be the easiest way to prevent a crash.

Intersection collisions have the potential to be catastrophic. However, knowing this and taking appropriate precautions can help you navigate these spaces safely. 


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