Studies Reveal Troubling Trends in Pedestrian Crashes

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Studies Reveal Troubling Trends in Pedestrian Crashes

Walking is supposed to be a healthy, inexpensive way to get around. Unfortunately, pedestrians can be in great danger when they are sharing the roadways with reckless, negligent drivers. And this is proving to be more common than people might realize. 

What the numbers say

According to reports, the number of pedestrians killed by a car in 2021 increased a whopping 11.5 percent.

This translates to roughly 20 people per day, for an estimated total of about 7,485. 

Reasons for the increase

There is no one reason behind the increase we are seeing. However, some of the most common causes or contributors to these crashes include drivers who are:

  • Speeding (which has more than doubled in the last few years)
  • Distracted
  • Impaired

An executive from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) also points to infrastructure issues and problems with road design that prioritize vehicle speed over pedestrian safety. 

Using this information to protect yourself

The fact that nearly 7,500 people were killed in pedestrian crashes last year is undoubtedly devastating – especially because many of them were likely preventable. And while it can be tempting to dismiss these numbers if they do not affect you directly, the fact is that any person can wind up a victim of these incidents.

You can use this information to help you make decisions that keep you safe. As a pedestrian, you cannot change the actions of the drivers around you. However, you can make the following choices whenever you are a pedestrian:

  • Wear clothing that makes you easy to see when visibility is low
  • Stay on sidewalks and cross at marked areas
  • Refrain from getting overly distracted by your phone
  • Take out earphones so you can hear your surroundings
  • Be aware of the cars around you
  • Pay attention

These measures can help you spot a reckless driver before they crash into you and make yourself less of a target for a negligent motorist.


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