3 Road Hazards Can Lead to a Motorcycle Accident

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3 Road Hazards Can Lead to a Motorcycle Accident

Not many past times are as exciting as riding a motorcycle. However, even the most skilled and experienced motorcyclist understands the dangers associated with motorcycling.

Many motorcycle accidents are attributable to road hazards. No matter how skilled and experienced you are, something as simple as a road bump, wet surfaces or debris can end up causing a life-altering accident. Here are three common roadway obstacles that can cause a wreck:

1. Potholes on the road

Potholes created by road repairs or wear and tear of the roadway can pose serious danger to motorcyclists. Potholes are particularly dangerous when filled with rainwater. If a cyclist hits a pothole while speeding, they may lose control and veer into oncoming traffic. A motorcyclist can also cause an accident when trying to avoid a pothole in a difficult traffic situation. 

2. Railroad crossings

Motorbike tires easily get stuck while crossing the railroad. This can result in the rider getting thrown off, especially if they were riding at a high speed. Railroad crossroads are particularly hazardous during rainy seasons when the wood between the tracks is wet and slippery. This often leads to the rider losing control over their bike while riding across the railroad. 

3. Animals on the road

Stray dogs, cats and squirrels are common on New York roads. Generally, animals on the road pose a serious risk to all road users. Most motorcyclist accidents that involve animals happen when the biker attempts to avoid the animal. This can result in the motorcyclist losing control or veering off into oncoming traffic. 

Unfortunately, your risk of an accident on your motorcycle isn’t limited to just these hazards. There are plenty of drivers out there who just don’t like to share the road – and others that are simply inattentive. A motorcycle accident can leave you severely hurt. Find out how you can pursue financial compensation for damages occasioned by a motorbike accident that is not your fault. 


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