A construction accident on April 24 led to the death of a New York construction company owner. According to the New York City Fire Department’s deputy chief, mechanical failure led to the fatal accident, which occurred in Midtown Manhattan. The owner was working at a hotel site that is slated to be built up from 23 to 36 floors. The 40-year-old construction company owner was married with two kids.

During the accident, a crane positioned on top of a truck owned by the construction company fell on the owner. He became trapped between the crane and flatbed portion of the truck, according to an account from the deputy chief. Emergency responders pronounced him dead at the scene. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration was looking into the accident.

The Department of Buildings has put a stop work order on the construction project. Previously, the agency had dealt with a number of complaints and given out partial stop work orders for the hotel project. The construction company working on the hotel had been cited for violations at other sites in Brooklyn and Manhattan, for which it paid $20,000 in fines.

When a fatal accident leads to the death of a construction worker, family members may be able to bring a lawsuit against the company responsible in a wrongful death suit. New York family members could potentially recover damages for any funeral or medical expenses incurred. If faulty equipment causes an employee’s death, the family may be able to sue the company the person worked for or the equipment manufacturer. A personal injury attorney may be able to offer spouses, children or estates advice on what course of action to take in bringing a wrongful death lawsuit.

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