Personal Injury Attorney for Hamburg, New York

Personal Injury Attorney for Hamburg, New York

Filing a personal injury claim or case can be intimidating. Few people understand how to handle the process and come out with maximum compensation for their efforts. Getting a Hamburg, New York, personal injury attorney on your side is the right decision.

At Campbell & Associates, our experienced legal team understands what it takes to mount a solid claim, no matter the situation. We have earned a reputation as one of the top personal injury law firms in Western New York, and for a good reason. It’s because we won’t stop fighting for people like you.

Learn more about what a personal injury attorney can do to help after an accident by contacting our Hamburg, New York office and arranging a no-risk legal consultation.  

Back, Spine and Brain Injuries 

Back, spine, and brain injuries are some of the most catastrophic injuries that a person can experience following an accident. Significant back, spine, and brain injuries can lead to paralysis, disability, chronic pain, and life-long medical complications.

Severe injuries to the spine and brain are often categorized as catastrophic injuries, which means they cause significant quality-of-life issues and can cost millions of dollars to treat and manage. Often, an initial lowball insurance settlement is not enough to cover the cost of current and future medical treatment, especially when an accident victim may need additional surgeries, physical therapy, or rehabilitation.

Car accidents, truck accidents, and construction accidents are some of the most common causes of back, spine, and brain injuries. An experienced Hamburg car accident lawyer understands what it takes to recover meaningful compensation for these injuries.

Fractured Vertebra and Herniated Discs

Vertebrae are spinal bones that are found in the neck and back. These bones protect the vulnerable bundle of nerves that make up the spinal cord from damage. Unfortunately, violent events like car accidents, truck accidents, and falls can fracture these bones, leading to pain and potentially paralysis.

Herniated discs are also common following car accidents. Spinal discs are situated between the bones of the spine. These soft, rubbery cushions act as shock absorbers and supporting structures for the vertebrae. They also allow the spine to move without vertebrae grinding against each other. Herniated discs occur when the jelly-like center of the disc, called the nucleus, bulges through a tear in the annulus or exterior of the disc. Fractured vertebrae and herniated discs can cause pain, weakness in the arms or legs, and numbness or tingling.

A Hamburg, New York, personal injury attorney can provide guidance and support during this challenging time while helping you recover the money you need for your medical expenses through injury claims.

Insurance Claims 

Filing an insurance claim after an accident should be easy. So why does it feel so frustrating? When you are in pain and suffering significant injuries, it is hard to focus on anything, including filing a substantial insurance claim seeking fair compensation. Working with a skilled Hamburg personal injury attorney is the best way to increase your chances of getting the money you need while minimizing your stress level.

Insurance adjusters sometimes utilize aggressive tactics to get you, the vulnerable accident victim, to settle for less than what your claim is worth. A personal injury law firm can manage the sometimes complicated claim process by collecting and preserving valuable evidence, communicating with the insurer, and negotiating for you. During each step of the claim process, the experienced team at Campbell & Associates will communicate with you so you always know what to expect.

An attorney doesn’t just work on lawsuits. An attorney can increase your chances of recovering fair compensation by filing a solid insurance claim.

Product Liability 

Unfortunately, defective products are more common than you think. When you purchase goods for your home and family, you expect those products to be safe and work in the intended way. Too often, companies and manufacturers cut corners to save costs. Who ends up paying the price? The unsuspecting consumer injured by the defective product.

Product liability is an area of personal injury law that allows individuals hurt by defective products to seek compensation from the manufacturers for their medical expenses and financial losses. There are typically three types of product liability claims: 

  • Defective design
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failure to warn

Holding a manufacturer accountable for injuring someone via a defective product can be challenging. At Campbell & Associates, we have the experience and resources to go head-to-head with major manufacturers. 

Sports Injuries 

Athletes of all kinds are susceptible to sports injuries, not just professionals. Children are particularly susceptible to sports injuries. They are often intimidated into mindlessly following a coach’s instructions and brushing off pain or signs of potential issues because they want to play and stay on the team. Football, hockey, basketball, and soccer are fast-paced sports where contact and physical exertion are common. However, cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, softball, and other sports can also be dangerous and lead to severe sports injuries.

Sports injuries don’t just prevent a person from engaging in the sport they love. Sports-related injuries can also cause long-lasting medical concerns and complications. When willful conduct or negligence by a coach or other staff causes a devastating sports injury, it’s time to seek legal representation and learn about your options for pursuing compensation.

Tourist-Related Injuries 

“Vacation” means it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Vacation time is precious. No one wants to spend time away nursing an injury or “relaxing” from the comfort of a hospital bed instead of a resort. Tourist and vacation-related injuries can cause horrendous injuries that leave lasting physical and mental scars.

Being injured in an accident away from home can be frightening. Managing claim issues that arise from being in a different state or country can be even more frustrating. At Campbell & Associates, we recognize the difficulties people have when pursuing compensation for tourist-related injuries. We take the time to carefully review your situation and form a strategy that gives you the best opportunity to seek the compensation you need.

Traumatic Brain Injury 

 A traumatic brain injury can impact every aspect of an accident victim’s life. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause permanent physical disabilities, mood and behavior disorders, personality changes, learning disabilities, and issues with communication. Your brain controls everything you do, feel, and think. Losing any part of your ability to function and interact with the world can be catastrophic.

At Campbell & Associates, we recognize the profound impact traumatic brain injuries can have on a person and their family. Our compassionate legal team wants to advocate for you and build a personal injury case that delivers results.

Wrongful Death 

Losing a loved one in a tragic accident caused by someone else’s careless actions is painful and traumatic. The last place you will look for help is in an attorney’s office. However, a sensitive Hamburg, New York, personal injury attorney can be instrumental in helping you and your family get the support and justice you need during this dark time.

Losing a loved one causes a ripple effect that impacts a family’s daily life. Not only do families experience pain, anger, and grief. They also experience fear and anxiety over their financial stability. They experience uncertainty as they struggle to pay medical expenses and funeral costs. Wrongful death claims help families obtain the money they need to survive and offer a measure of justice for the loss of their loved one.

How a Hamburg, New York, Personal Injury Attorney Can Help 

Has a careless individual injured you or a loved one? The legal team at Campbell & Associates can help. We handle personal injury cases and claims and can give you the advice you need for your circumstances.

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