New York baseball fans may be interested in the outcome of a negligence lawsuit that was brought against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the team’s owner by a fan of the San Francisco Giants. Dodgers fans physically beat the Giants fan at the stadium on opening day in 2011. The jury delivered its verdict on July 9, finding the Dodgers, but not the team’s owner, guilty of negligence.

The assault on the Giants fan occurred in a parking lot at the stadium. He suffered serious brain damage because of the beating. According to experts who testified at the trial, he can never work again and will require care around the clock.

The lawsuit contended that Dodger Stadium did not have adequate security on the day of the attack. According to witnesses at the criminal hearing of the two Dodgers fans who were charged with the beating, there were no security guards in the parking lot at the time of the incident. The jury in the civil trial, which did not involve the two Dodgers fans, assigned only part of the responsibility to the Dodgers. The injured man suffered $18 million in damages, but the jury awarded him $15 million.

The defense maintained during the trial that security was adequate on the day of the attack and that the Giants fan was partially responsible for the attack because he was intoxicated. The jury unanimously agreed that the man’s intoxication was not a significant factor in the beating.

Business owners are responsible for keeping their properties safe for members of the public who visit them. When someone is injured on property that belongs to someone else, the injured party could bring a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner.

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