Buffalo Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The decision to entrust your elderly loved one to a nursing home or care facility is difficult. But as your loved one ages, they require more around-the-clock care that only a nursing facility can provide. We ultimately end up placing our loved ones into the hands of elder care or nursing home staff because we have faith in their services and ability to care for our loved one.


But unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is far too common. Nursing home residents are extremely vulnerable to abuse because of their advanced age and diminished mental capacity. In some cases, these abuses happen without our knowledge. It is important that you recognize the signs so you are able to take action. The moment you suspect something is wrong or if you notice anything strange, call our Western New York nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. We can fight to hold the negligent staff and facility accountable for your loved one’s suffering.

Working Hard to Protect Elderly Victims From Abuse & Negligence

Nursing home staff and facility are legally required to adhere to a high standard of care. When this duty is breached, the faculty can be held legally and financially responsible. At Campbell & Associates, we stand up for those who have been injured by another’s actions or failure to act. Our firm is dedicated to helping families seek the compensation they deserve for the pain and anguish their loved one has suffered.

Our attorneys personally guides each client through the claims process, offering individualized attention at every step. Whenever you need to ask us a question, you’ll always be able to reach us. From negotiating with insurance adjusters to litigating in court, we put our utmost effort and dedication into every aspect of our representation. We genuinely care about you and your family’s long-term interests, and we work hard to make sure your loved one’s rights are protected.

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Some Signs That Your Loved One May Be Suffering From Abuse or Neglect

  • Bed sores or injuries
  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Infections
  • Unexplained injuries and bruises
  • Falls