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Our Buffalo personal injury attorneys at Campbell & Associates have built a name for themselves in New York as being litigators that do not pull any punches when it comes to defending the rights of our clients. We understand that a single incident can be devastating to your well-being and leave you feeling shaken and confused. By focusing our efforts to make you our priority, we hope to make you comfortable and confident with your case as it unfolds.

Although we may have a reputation as aggressive and tenacious attorneys, we are nothing but caring and compassionate when we communicate with our clients. To help you transition from wondering what to do next to taking action against the liable party, we offer free initial consultations to all of our prospective clients.


Our everyday lives can expose us to various safety hazards caused by negligence and carelessness of others. From texting while driving to failing to clean up a spill in a retail store, there is an unfortunately large number of things that can go wrong and lead to a personal injury. We are fully capable of handling a wide array of injury cases and claims, creating a one-stop shop of legal solutions for the wrongfully injured.

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From Niagara Falls

Take I-190 S
Right on exit 8 Niagara St to Delaware Ave

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Take I-90 W to
I-190 N
Exit 7 to Church Street
Left on Delaware Ave

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Take I-90 W to
I-190 N
Exit 7 to Church Street
Left on Delaware Ave

Take Care of Yourself By Securing Our Services

The outcome of any accident can mean being off your feet for quite some time. The initial medical bills can be devastating to your finances, not to mention the fact that you may be unable to continue working while you recover. When we work on a personal injury case, we take extra care to ensure that all of your necessary expenses and costs are considered and covered in the compensation we pursue. The last thing we would want would be to leave you without the care you need.