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Serving Clients In The Fredonia/Dunkirk Area

Sometimes the liable party is the one who is trying to dodge their responsibility to provide you payment for your injuries. Other times an insurance company offers an unfair, lowball settlement amount in hopes you accept it. No matter who is on the other side of the conference room or courtroom, we are not afraid to step up to them on your behalf. Your wellbeing and our reputations are on the line, and we are not keen to seeing harm coming to either of them.

One Accident, Many Problems

The consequences of a single injury are often varied and reach into multiple facets of the victim’s life. Work, daily activities, relationships and mental health can all be impacted. Campbell & Associates are fully aware of this and know that you need to be completely and thoroughly supported after someone else’s negligent actions have adversely impacted your life.

Experience Handling All Types Of Cases

One of our most noteworthy Dunkirk cases involved a woman who called for an ambulance due to severe pneumonia. Unfortunately, the ambulance company that responded to her home did not follow the applicable safety procedures or use the proper equipment to transport her. Instead of using a stretcher, stair chair or cart, the ambulance crew attempted to carry her down over an icy sidewalk in a kitchen chair. When one of them slipped, the chair (and the unfortunate woman) were dropped to the ground. As a result, the woman sustained a fractured back and had to undergo surgery.

The ambulance company denied that they did anything wrong and denied that the accident caused any injury to the woman, and she called us to see if we could help. Mr. Campbell came to her home for an initial free consultation because her injuries made it difficult for her to travel.

Mr. Campbell took the case to trial in 2014 and a jury in Mayville returned a verdict of over One Million Dollars. (The State Supreme Court for Chautauqua County, where most of our cases are filed, is located in Mayville).

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