Fractured Vertebrae and Herniated Discs

Back Injuries: What You Need To Know

Back injuries are some of the most painful injuries for a person to endure. Because the back and spine is responsible for sending signals to many of our other body parts, an injury to the vertebrae can cause intense pain in the rest of our body such as one’s legs and arms. Having a back injury can severely limit your ability to lift objects and even perform everyday tasks. Campbell & Associates has helped clients throughout New York.

Compassionate Guidance During Your Time Of Need

A back injury such as a fractured vertebra or herniated disk usually requires long-term medical treatment, causing extreme financial strain and pressure for victims and their families. We understand how difficult this time must be, and we are here to help make life easier for you and your family. First, we do not charge you until after we win a case. This way, you do not have to worry about paying us upfront. Second, we work hard to maximize your recovery so you have the financial resources you need in the long term. You can expect nothing less than the highest level of client service here at Campbell & Associates.

  • We offer our former insurance defense experience – we have insider knowledge of the insurance industry and claims processing.
  • We provide excellent and consistent communication, including returning phone calls promptly and thoroughly.
  • We offer clients the opportunity to work one-on-one directly with an attorney at our office.
  • We deliver real results that make a difference in each client’s life.

Our dedication to client-oriented services has allowed us to recover millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. We know exactly what it takes to win, and we are prepared to help you.

What Can Our Firm Do To Help You? Call Today To Find Out More

  • Investigate your accident to determine the liable parties
  • Carefully prepare medical records and testimony from expert witnesses to verify and prove your injuries
  • Aggressively negotiate with adjusters to obtain the maximum settlement
  • Consult with medical experts and financial experts to estimate the full value of your claim
  • Litigate on your behalf if adjusters are unwilling to be fair

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We Advocate For You; Call Our Office Today

Our firm recognizes the difficulties that injured clients face, financially and physically. When you team up with us, you will not only have an attorney working with you side by side but you will also have a strong legal ally and advocate. We genuinely care about the outcome of your case, and we do everything in our power to help you secure a positive case result. To discuss your options, call us at 716-992-2222 or fill out our contact form.

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