Rollover Accidents

Rollover Accidents Are Among The Most Dangerous

A “rollover” is a type of crash in which a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof. Rollovers are not as common as other types of accidents. However, when they do occur, rollovers often lead to serious injury or death. At Campbell & Associates, we have helped clients recover from traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, amputation, road rash, and spinal injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills. We will help you fight for the best possible result.

Understanding Rollover Accidents

All vehicles are susceptible to rollovers to various extents. However, rollover accidents are more likely to occur with larger vehicles that have a higher center of gravity. SUVs and full-size vans, for example, are particularly prone to rollover-type accidents. Often, manufacturers of SUVs will post warnings on the driver’s sun visor, alerting users of the increased possibility that a rollover could occur. Rollover accidents have become more frequent in recent years as SUVs and other light weight trucks have increased in popularity.

Rollover accidents are divided into two categories: tripped and untripped. Untripped (or “cornering”) rollovers occur when a vehicle turns a corner too rapidly or sharply. Tripped rollovers are caused by forces from an external object, such as a curb or a collision with another vehicle. Approximately, 95% of rollover accidents are caused by such “tripping.”

The most common type of tripped rollover occurs when a vehicle is sliding sideways, and the tires strike a curb, dig into soft ground or a similar event occurs that “trips” the vehicle. Another type of tripped rollover occurs due to a collision with another vehicle or object. For example, a side impact can accelerate the vehicle laterally (sideways); the tires resist the change, and the coupled forces cause the vehicle to rotate. Destabilizing forces such as ice and water on roadways also have the potential to cause a tripped rollover.

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After seeking appropriate medical attention, you should consider discussing the circumstances of the accident with an experienced attorney. Following a rollover, it is possible that liability can be found on the part of another driver, the manufacturer of the vehicle or municipalities responsible for road hazards. The attorneys at Campbell & Associates are experienced in handling these sorts of claims. If you were involved in a rollover-type accident, we invite you to call us at 716-992-2222 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form.

Example Verdicts/Settlements For Rollover Accidents

Jean-Baptiste v. PSCH, Inc.(N.Y. Sup. 2011) – Christopher Jean-Baptiste, a minor, was a passenger in a 2006 Ford Econoline Suburban owned by PSCH, Inc. The car rolled over on an expressway and Christopher was ejected. Christopher’s mother Nuris filed a lawsuit, alleging the driver failed to properly secure Christopher’s seat belt and drove negligently. A jury awarded Nuris and Christopher $5,000,000 for past pain and suffering, $5,000,000 for future pain and suffering, and $2,000,000 for future medical expenses.

Ramos v. Castillo (N.Y. Sup. 2013) – Plaintiff Joaquin Ramos suffered personal injuries when the vehicle in which he was a passenger struck the center median and flipped over. He sued the driver (Castillo) and the vehicle’s owner, claiming their negligent, careless, and reckless ownership and operation of the vehicle caused the accident. A jury awarded Plaintiff $2,700,000 for his injuries, consisting of $900,000 for past pain and suffering and $1,800,000 for future pain and suffering.

Obeid v. Khrisat (N.Y. Sup. 2007) – Plaintiff Obeid was the passenger in an SUV being driven by Defendant Khrisat. Defendant driver lost control of the vehicle due to excessive speed and the SUV went off the road, rolling several times. Plaintiff was ejected from the SUV and suffered multiple serious injuries requiring numerous surgeries, including the amputation of three fingers. Plaintiff spent two months doing inpatient rehabilitation before he could leave the hospital. The parties agreed to a $5,645,000 pretrial settlement.

DiMeo v. Sciortino (N.Y. Sup. 2009) – Plaintiff DiMeo, a police officer, was driving an unmarked car carrying three other officers to a burglary in progress. All four officers, as well as three non-party eyewitnesses, claimed that the vehicle’s emergency lights and siren were activated. As the police vehicle approached and prepared to go through a red-lighted intersection, Defendant (a teenaged girl) failed to yield or stop and struck the police car, causing it to hit a curb and rollover. Evidence showed that Defendant’s cellphone was in use during the accident. Plaintiff sued the Defendant driver and her father, who owned the vehicle. The parties agreed to a pretrial settlement of $1,800,000.

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