An accident near New York’s George Washington Bridge on the morning of March 10 sent a small bus off the highway and onto an embankment, where it caught fire. This led to the injury of the two people that were aboard the bus. The New York City Fire Department stated that the two people’s injuries were serious but not life-threatening.

There was snow on the ground as the small passenger jitney traveled from the Henry Hudson Parkway onto the western entrance to the bridge. As it moved up the ramp the small bus left the roadway for unknown causes, collided with a stone wall and then rolled down a steep embankment. The vehicle came to rest in a small wooded area, where it caught fire.

The New York Fire Department arrived and extricated two adults from the wreckage. They were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. There were no reports that any other vehicles were involved in the accident. The Henry Hudson Parkway, a major thoroughfare, was backed up for a substantial amount of time as emergency crews responded to the wreck.

People who have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident may choose to file a personal injury suit against those who are responsible for the damage. While there has yet to be any indication as to what caused this particular accident, it may very well have been that the driver was negligent in not taking into account hazardous road conditions. In other cases, accidents like these are caused by a driver who is impaired or distracted. In a successful personal injury action, an injured victim may be able to obtain compensation for necessary medical expenses as well as for wages lost due to an inability to work for an extended period of time.

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