What Our Clients Say About Us

At Campbell & Associates, we value our clients trust above anything else. Below is a list of testimonials from satisfied clients. If you have questions about your case, call us today at 716-992-2222 to learn more about how we can help. You can also fill out our contact form.

I wish I would have found Campbell and associates sooner but better late than never. Don’t make my mistakes, make them your first call and I promise you won’t regret it.

For those who want the readers digest version-John Ryan was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was never too busy to answer a question and my case wasn’t just a file number to him. An injury lawyer with a catchy phone number dropped the ball on my case.. John picked that ball up and continued to make 3 point shots. 100% I would recommend Campbell and associates. And For those who want the cold hard facts. -2 year ago I slipped at a local restaurant. I decided I was going to call a law firm I’ve seen advertised on TV since I was a child.. big mistake. I quickly learned that their popularity had NOTHING to do with their people skills, or the way they handle their cases. They made a mess of my case. It was an absolute nightmare. They missed key details about my case, they never had time to pick up the phone, and when they realized my case wasn’t worth upwards of a million dollars they literally lied so they could find a way to drop my case. It gets better though 🤣 after they dropped me, I found Campbell and associates. When the big name lawyers found out Mr. Ryan was actually doing his job and making my case THEY SENT ME A LETTER TELLING ME THEY WANTED 33% OF MY SETTLEMENT. They lied AGAIN and said that they never dropped me and that I was responsible for their payment. I quickly called Mr. Ryan and he gathered my paperwork to show them I owed them nothing due to them dropping my case (thanks again for that). You would think that this would be the end of this nonsense but unfortunately like any 3am infomercial.. there’s more.. after finally settling the fact that they would not get paid for NOT working on my case.. they made sure to put up every obstacle they could to keep my personal file away from Mr Ryan and myself. Mr. Ryan gave me a quick legal lesson on why they can’t keep my file from me and told me exactly what to do. They dragged their feet but eventually released my file. After that roller coaster ended and Mr. Ryan was able to start working on my case I felt such a relief. He literally made me feel like I was his only case. If I had a question he had an answer. Out of the office? He would return my call as soon as he got back. I was an actual person to him. From the day he got my case to the day he settled he made sure I was informed and comfortable with every step. I wish I would have found Campbell and associates sooner but better late than never. Don’t make my mistakes, make them your first call and I promise you won’t regret it.
Katrina Ferrara

Thank you for all your efforts.

I selected you to be my attorney at a time when I was shaken, off-course and discombobulated. Your steadfast approach, honest integrity and calm yet determined demeanor gave me comfort and assurance during a phase of uncertain confusion, worry and turmoil. Thank you for all your efforts and emulating Mr. Honest Abe.”
Jennifer Reinhart

He handles himself very professionally and was very well prepared.

Mr. Campbell kept me well informed throughout the case. He handled himself very professionally and was very well prepared. At trial, he convinced the jury to award a large amount of money for my injury when the defendants had refused to accept any responsibility or offer anything.

I am so thankful that the fates led me to you!

This thank you is long overdue. Every day, I am grateful for the help that you gave me when I needed it most. I am so thankful that the fates led me to you! The representation you gave me was superb, and the award settlement has made a huge difference in my life. Every day I count my blessings – you and your team being one of them. You deserve an award and honor you have received. I wish you and yours good health and happiness in 2014. Thank you again.

Mr. Campbell was very compassionate and made me feel like a member of his family.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the services provided to me by Mr. Colin Campbell. I turned to Mr. Campbell for assistance after I met with another lawyer who refused to take my case because it wouldn’t provide him with a large fee. Mr. Campbell was very compassionate and made me feel like a member of his family. He didn’t mind that the amount of money I sought was very little. He treated me with the utmost respect and concern and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal services.

We highly recommend you to any person seeking legal assistance.

You handled our case very professionally. You were sincere, honest and in our best interest. We had complete confidence in your decisions as our representative. We highly recommend you to any person seeking legal assistance.
Renee Potter

Razor-Focused, Driven And Determined To Prevail

I had the fortune of meeting Mr. Campbell out of need, through a mutual contact, and would emphatically state that in retrospect this was in very every aspect GREAT fortune. Mr. Campbell approached my situation with genuine concern, a passion for the desired and proper outcome, and spent a great deal of time accumulating and analyzing all of the pertinent facts involved. Mr. Campbell met with me numerous times to ensure he has full and complete understanding of the circumstances that led to my need for legal counsel. He was razor-focused, driven, and determined to prevail. He carried himself with the utmost of respect, discipline and compassion. To be certain, his demeanor preparing for this legal issue in essence paled when compared to his in-trial manner. Mr. Campbell was aggressive to present the truth of our case, was relentless in his lines of questioning to dig the truth, and was adamant to win the jury’s decision. He DID in fact win the decision! It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Campbell and his firm for potential legal representation. Any individual would be fortunate to have him lead their legal team.
Darnell Backus

Exceeded My Expectations

Mr. Campbell has shown me genuine concern and compassion and has exceeded my expectations in his quest for my case. He has given me personal attention, where the firm I was previously with, didn’t return my calls and didn’t even inform me when the lawyer on my case had left the firm. I am pleased to have had Mr. Campbell represent me.
K. G.

Personal Response to Every Call

I have dealt with four different lawyers and not felt as confident as I did with Mr. Campbell. Not just because of the amount of money (he) got for me, but there was also a personal response to every call I made and I felt very comfortable knowing he represented me. I would refer him to anyone.

Honest Professional

My husband and I will be forever grateful to Mr. Campbell. He’s a very honest professional who let us know where we stood with our case from the very beginning. He never misled us on our chances or settled for anything less than we deserved. His choices of expert witnesses were outstanding. Thanks to Mr. Campbell, we are living more comfortably than we ever dreamed possible. I have referred Mr. Campbell to two people I know, and wouldn’t hesitate to refer him over and over again.

Valuable Relationship

I had been working on my small personal injury case with an insurance adjuster and did a quick consult with Colin Campbell to get a better feel as to where I was with my case and his thoughts on how far along it would progress to final settlement and at what price point he considered my case would possibly settle for in a fair and equitable treatment situation based upon judgments for similar cases in our area. Not being privy to much of the knowledge that most attorneys have in any given area of expertise, he was able to provide me with his professional insight as to how I was doing in my negotiation process with the insurance adjuster when I had reached my final stage with him and set my mind at ease thinking that I had done my best and had an outcome that would be deemed satisfactory. I do not condone that everyone should attempt to negotiate and settle their own legal cases as every situation and circumstance is different, but for those instances or times when it just might be practical to do so then being able to avail yourself of a personable and knowledgeable attorney like Colin who would try to help you along the way is a valuable relationship to have especially when your best interests are served. If my case hit a snag somewhere along the way, I would not have hesitated for one second in hiring Colin and his firm to represent me going forward. Attorneys like Colin are a credit to their profession. The fiduciary approach to a clients’ best interest and the fairness and equitable relationship which gets established with men like Colin who I know would work honest and hard to protect his clients’ interests, makes for an easy decision when one is wondering who they will choose as an attorney to represent them. I for one am very grateful for his help and understanding in my particular situation and I will highly recommend him and his law firm to anyone who has a need for legal services in his area of expertise.
Robert M Bullaro