Representing Truck Accident Victims

Due to their large size, trucks can pose a deadly hazard to cars and pedestrians if not operated in a safe manner. If you or your loved one was injured in a truck accident, our Buffalo truck accident lawyers are prepared to help you. Truck accident claims are complex because of the serious injuries that they can cause and the multiple parties that can be held liable for the accident. Our team at Campbell & Associates can investigate on your behalf and guide you through the claims process.


Buffalo Truck Accident Lawyers, Delivering Proven Results For 25+ Years

We have been serving Western New York for over 25 years, and during that time, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars. We can confidently say that much of our success is due not only to our in-depth experience, but to our client-focused dedication. At our practice, we see each client as an individual who is facing immense struggles due to no fault of their own. Seeing this injustice motivates us to go above and beyond to help our clients fight for justice and compensation.

Our firm meticulously investigates to identify all negligent parties and to help you hold them financially and legally accountable for their oversight. We work aggressively to help you get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.

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We Can Investigate Your Truck Accident to See if Any of the Following Parties are Liable:

  • Truck driver for violating the amount of time he or she should be on the road
  • Trucking company for improper truck maintenance
  • Trucking parts manufacturer for a faulty truck part
  • Trucking company for hiring unqualified workers or failing to train them
  • Shipping company for overloading the truck

What Can Clients Expect From Our Team?

  • One-on-one, individualized attention directly from our attorneys
  • Timely responses to their phone calls and inquiries
  • Contingency fees – no payment until after we win
  • Professional and compassionate legal support
  • In-depth knowledge of the claims process from both the insurance company and client’s point of view